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SHARPE'S PERIL - Cast and crew screening

I was one of the lucky ones who was invited to the special screening of Sharpe's Peril last week.

We didn't get the full whack version, i.e. 140 minutes, we got the International version of 100 minutes but even edited, it was still terrific. And I can't wait to see the other 40 mins which will be included in the ITV 1 two part film beginning on Sunday 2nd November.

I am not going to give away any of the storyline, that would spoil it for you, but .................

This was Sharpe at its very best, with wonderful characters, excellent story line by Russell Lewis, glorious locations, and ...........Sharpe and Harper doing what they do best - fighting the bad guys. I felt it was much better than Challenge although I did enjoy Challenge, but the script was very good indeed, and the whole story seemed to hang together much better.

Excellent casting as always, with a couple of surprises, and look out for some wonderful scenes with Michael Cochrane as Simmerson!

Sean Bean has brought something extra to the character of Sharpe this time around, he seemed a more mature and thoughtful character, probably something to do with age and all those women I think! Richard Sharpe, I mean, not Sean!

Daragh O'Malley as Harper is wonderful as always, who could conceive of a Sharpe film without him, I could't bear the thought! I always think he's a very underestimated actor, and would love to see more of Daragh on screen. He has a great sensitivity for Pat Harper's character and the Irish humour shines through.

Newcomers include Luke Ward Wilkinson, David Robb and Beatrice Rosen who give some wonderful performances!

Don't miss this year's best drama - you'll love it, all the cast and crew, producers etc. were very pleased with the end results, and so they should be, I would have liked to have met Russell Lewis and thanked him for an excellent script.

But I did get to congratulate Muir Sutherland, Malcolm Craddock and Tom Clegg for a wonderful film, also got to chat to Sean, Daragh and Michael Cochrane so I did pass on the fans appreciation, what can you expect from the Sharpe Appreciation Society!

Bernard Cornwell couldn't be there - something about a book talk up in Durham? But his lovely wife Judy was there along with his agent Toby Eady so he was ably represented.

Don't take my word for it, tune in to ITV 1 on Sunday night, 2nd November and watch one of THE best Sharpe films so far.

Chris Clarke
Secretary Sharpe Appreciation Society

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