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£1000 Donation to SCF     Sept 16th 2011

As the SAS was a non profit making organisation and although we have had to hold

back some funds for future expenses we have been able to make a donation to the

SCF Sharpe’s Children Foundation from the excess of members subscriptions not

needed for Bulletin production. We greatly appreciate our members understanding

in this and I have been informed by Yvette Leavy from the SCF that the money will be

put towards the building costs of the first ever Sharpe’s Shelter in India.

End of an Era     Jan 1st 2011

This message is to inform you that with much regret the Sharpe Appreciation Society will no

longer be able to support a membership base as we are no longer able to supply the services


        For most members, especially those overseas, the only return they get for their money is

the quarterly Bulletin, and this will no longer be available.

        We feel that with no new episodes of Sharpe likely to be made; with the last film being

put on hold and Bernard Cornwell recently indicating that there would be no new Sharpe book

likely until 2015 the content for a Bulletin is not available.

       We consider it unfair to just rehash previously seen material and despite Jeff Yang’s

stirling work in supplying news about the various Regiments and their histories the subject

of Richard Sharpe’s exploits have become a side issue!

The Society will continue to have a website as we wish to continue the support of the Sharpe’s

Children Foundation. Also Sharpe related merchandise will still be available through the website.

The Sharpe Roadshows will be fewer as attendencies have been much reduced. Their locations

will be advertised on the website.



Here is some news from cast members who got in touch with the Bulletin Editor.

The Society has been contacted by Alexis Denisof (Rossendale, Regiment and Waterloo), and we are delighted to congratulate him and his wife, Alyson Hannigan, on the birth of their baby daughter, Satyana. Weighing 7lbs 14oz, she was born at their home in Los Angeles on 24 March 2009.

From Michael Mears (Rfn. Cooper)

Hi Jeffrey, and hope all's well.

I can be seen at The National Theatre, Waterloo (appropriately enough!), in London, from Nov. 11th 2010 for various dates and on through Christmas and into the New Year in NATION, an adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel, which promises to be a great visual spectacular. Set on a South Sea Island in the 19th century after a tsunami, I appear as Foxlip, a mutineering sailor - (and a possible distant cousin of Rifleman Cooper!)

Check the National website for further details.

All the best,


From Nickolas Grace (Father Hacha, Honour)

Dear Jeffrey,

Thanks for your message. I trust you are well. I'm afraid I've only got 2 films & a Midsomer Murders to tell you about! You never know when your episode of Midsomer is on…

The films are:

'Banksy's Coming for Dinner', directed by Ivan Massow, with Joan Collins. It had 2 preview screenings at the ICA in August 2010. (To be released next year.)

'The Hardest Part', directed by Oliver Refson. It was selected for the New York Film Festival in October.

Good luck with everything. All the best.


From Paul Trussell (Rfn. Tongue)

Hi Jeffrey,

Hope you're well. Here are a couple of bits for your next bulletin.

About to appear as nasty piece of work Malcolm in the new Eastenders online spin-off series E20.

Also popping up as Colin Firth's chauffeur in The King's Speech, the latest feature film directed by Tom Hooper (Longford, The Damned United).

All the best,


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