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film and television related

·   Cult TV - If the show has fans, Cult TV is likely to cover it. For further information contact them at And what's more, they raise funds for charity, too!

·   Sean Bean - Winona Kent's site has everything you are likely to want to know about Sean Bean.

·   Picture Palace - Website of producer Malcolm Craddock. The site not only contains information on forthcoming projects, but also on previous work including Sharpe.

·   Oliver Tobias - official website for the actor who appeared as Rebeque in "Sharpe's Waterloo"

·   Over The Hills and Far Away - original lyrics and midi file of the music

·   John Tams Official Site

·   The Essential John Tams Homepage

· - the official Sharpe website

·   Hello Magazine Sean Bean profile and SB quiz

·   Curios House and NV Sikligar are the Indian companies who handled all the sales of the weaponry etc. from Sharpe's Challenge and Peril

·   Sharpe Chefs - cook books in aid of charity, also see the merchandise page for further information

re-enactors and napoleonic era/historical

·   Napoleonic Association - Re-enactment society for the Napoleonic era.

·   95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot - re-enactors

·   2nd Battalion 95th Rifles - re-enactors

·   The Napoleonic Guide - more than 1300 pages of information on the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte, and almost everything on the era, includes reviews of the Sharpe series

·   95th Rifles, 3rd Battalion (North America) - re-enactors from the north-eastern USA

·   Military Odyssey - the country's largest multi-period living history show and collector's market

·   Fort Amherst - in Chatham, Kent

·   Victorian Battlefield Relics - sell quality battlefield relics from various Napoleonic War battlefields including Peninsular War battlefields, Austerlitz and a small number from Waterloo

·   The Shorncliffe Redoubt Preservation Society

·   3rd Battalion 95th Rifles and 3rd East Kent Buffs Light Company - dual re-enactment unit portraying a company of the 3rd Batt 95th (UK) and the light company of the 3rd East Kent Buffs Light Company (UK); we fight and work together doing displays and battles showing how the two branches of light troops worked together.

·   1st Battalion 95th Rifles Living History Society - re-enactors

·   His Majesty's 33rd Regiment of Foot - re-enactors

·   The Artwork of Garry P. Cartwright - creator of the Sharpe Credits and Sharpe Characters paintings, and many more

·   Friends of the British Cemetary, Elvas - a registered charity whose long-term aim is to produce a fund that will ensure the Cemetery’s maintenance and protection in the future. Elvas is one of the oldest British Military Cemeteries in existence. It holds only five known graves but two of these are the only marked graves of the thousands of British soldiers who fell at the battle of Albuera and another is the sole marked grave of the thousands who fell in the three sieges of Badajoz

·   Portsmouth Napoleonic Society - 39, Copnor Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5AB

·   Royal Armouries Facebook page

·   Badajoz 1811-1812



·   Bernard Cornwell - Author of Sharpe and many other books.

·   Harper Collins - Publishers website, full of information on a variety of books including those by Bernard Cornwell. Please be aware that this site uses Flash technology and you will require the appropriate plug-in. Download it here

·   Battlefront Books - independant military bookseller, specialising in military non-fiction and a very select few fiction writers (UK), see the books page for more details

·   Scorpion Press - limited edition Sharpe novels, for more information please see the books page

·   'Bicorn' - 'The Ties of Blood' series of Peninsular War novels by Peter Youds

·   Audio Book - Recollections of Rifleman Harris  -  or Digital download -

·   CD-Wow - Sharpe books

·   My Name is Tim Mason and I have a website called I specialise in down loadable audio books ,37 of which are by Bernard Cornwell. They are down loadable in MP3 format so you can listen while commuting to work, walking,laying on a beach or on CD in the car. The titles will be kept in a personal library for so you can always down load them again, there's a good "help" section and you can always ask questions.
You can also "Hear a sample" of a book before you purchase.
If you would like to download any books by Bernard Cornwell, or any author for that matter, and would like a 20% reduction then please key in the Coupon Code 248866 at the point of purchase.

sas trip & tour photos and tour information

·   Sharpe Appreciation Society Tour 2004 - photos taken during the Peninsular Tour

forums, gaming groups & discussion groups

·   Hookton - a forum dedicated to the writings of Bernard Cornwell


·   Napoleonic Wars Forum Discussion forum on all aspects of the Napoleonic Peiod

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