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teresa moreno

Appears in the films Sharpe's Rifles, Eagle, Company and Enemy.

Teresa is the fiery Spanish guererrilla who Sharpe first meets in Sharpe's Gold (the book) and Sharpe's Rifles (the film). She was his first real love and his first wife.

He meets his match with this lady, and to begin with there are sparks flying, but Sharpe soon realises that she can teach him a lot about leading men, and also falls in love with her .... However Teresa, because of her background with the French, is more reticent about the falling for Sharpe, and holds back on the relationship for a while.

But who can resist Sharpie? By Sharpe's Company she is pregnant with Antonia their baby. After the initial shock wears off, Sharpe is delighted with the news. But - there is always a but with Sharpe and his women, both Teresa and Sharpe reckon without Obadiah Hakeswill and his interference in their lives. (Remember that great scene when Obadiah thinks he can bed Teresa in Company ... she attacked him with a knife and would have killed him had Harper not have arrived on the scene.)

In Sharpe's Enemy just when you are lulled into a false sense of security, up pops Obadiah, and at the end of the film/book, whilst he is busy carting off Josefina he is interrupted by Teresa who arrives on the scene, and in saving Josefina, (or Isabella in the film!), she is shot by the evil Hakeswill. Who can forget the tear jerking scene when Sharpe comes upon the dying Teresa "It's time for me to leave Richard, please let me go!" Exit Teresa and in come the Kleenex tissues!

assumpta serna

Played by Assumpta Serna, her casting as Teresa was a brilliant coup by the casting agency John & Ros Hubbard, she is exactly as I imagined her by the description in the books, feisty, hawk faced and beautiful.

Says Assumpta about the part, "Teresa is a strong character, but she has not really found herself". There are elements to Teresa which mirror Assumpta's own life.

"I can understand whty she would fight for her country. It is something in the soul, something you have to do. It was the same in Spain in the 1970s when I was a student. I was originally studying law, but I was not really enjoying it, because so many other more interesting things were going on. Everyone wanted change, but not everyone could do anything about it, " says Assumpta who was born in Barcelona and is fiercely proud of her Catalan heritage.

"I was something of an anarchist. I joined an anti-establishment theatre group, I took part in demonstrations and marches and I even made Molotov cocktails - my father disowned me and my family did not speak to me for five years."

Assumpta does have the ability to change her look, her style and approach. She speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan and has worked in all those countries as well as the United States and Mexico.

Now she can add the Crimea to that list, for "Sharpe".

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