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major general ross

Ross appears in Sharpe's Siege, Mission and Revenge. Ross is a courageous and enthusiastic fighter, always pleased to go into battle, and considers Sharpe a good friend. Of all Wellington's intelligence officers, Ross is probably one of the most personable, and certainly Sharpe considered him as a friend. However this does not prevent Ross from using Sharpe to get what he wants!

In Siege, he wants to find out if the French spy Maquerre is about to betray the British, and uses Sharpe and his men to bait him. In Mission he uses himself as bait to try and trap Col Brand whom they suspect of double crossing Ross and Wellington - again he includes Sharpe on this mission. A clever, astute and brave soldier, Ross also is very much a gentleman, and very much liked by his peers.

james laurenson

No biographical information available on this actor at present.

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