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rifleman perkins

The youngest by far of the Chosen Men, Perkins wins his stripe by saving Sharpe's life at the end of Sharpe's Rifles. From there, it is fascinating watching both Perkins and his alter ego Lyndon Davies mature through the next 5 yrs and 6 films of Sharpe. Perkins is alternately looked after, teased and brought up by some of the toughest and roughest soldiers in the British Army. Remember the scene in Sharpe's Enemy when they make him wear Ramona's best dress - hilarious!

Even Teresa kept a motherly eye on him!

It came as a great shock to fans of the Chosen Men when Perkins was stabbed by O'Rourke in Sharpe's Battle and dies in Harper's arms ... not a dry eye in the place, nor on set either from what we hear!

lyndon davies

Lyndon Davies began acting at the age of 9yrs when he appeared in tv's Singing Detective, he then went on to make Cider with Rosie, and appeared in some very successful adverts.

He also appeared in Black Beauty alongside Sean Bean ... who just happened to be playing Richard Sharpe whilst Lyndon took on the role of Perkins when he was 18 years old.

Now living in Cheltenham, Glos., his home town, Lyndon has left acting and at the present time has no plans to return.

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