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sgt. patrick harper

The wonderful Irish sergeant, always at Sharpe's side through battles, and emotional turmoil, the 6' 4" tall giant of a man who began as Sharpe's enemy and ended up as his greatest friend. Born in Tangaveane, Donegal, Ireland, Patrick Harper only joined the British Army to avoid starvation, but he was a talented soldier, and Sharpe relied on his natural leadership of men and gave him sergeant's stripes. He was the only man who could fire the hefty 7 barrel Nock volley gun which Sharpe bought for him in Lisbon and although he fought ferociously when necessary, he was a peace loving man whose greatest love was bird watching.

He saved a young girl, Ramona/Isabella, from the savage sack of Badajoz, had a child by her and subsequently due to Sharpe's insistence, married her. After Waterloo and peace Harper retired back to Dublin, opened a pub and became a horse dealer. He never forgot his friend Richard Sharpe and was happy to join him on a last adventure to Chile.

daragh o'malley - actor/writer

Daragh was born in Limerick, Ireland on 25th May 1954. His father was a prominent Irish politician and his mother was an eminent psychiatrist. Throughout his schooldays, Daragh was always involved in drama, and when he left school he joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. After drama school, he worked in theatre before his first tv role as Pat Grogan in ATV's Crossroads.

From those early days Daragh has gone on to appear in more than 80 tv productions and films. Since his role as Harper, Daragh has been busy writing, directing and appearing in various film roles on tv and the cinema. He is currently working on the latest series for tv, "Silent Witness". Daragh is married to Gabrielle and lives in Ireland.


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