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major mungo munroe

Wellington's exploring officer throughout the films of Gold, Battle and Sword. Munroe was one of Wellington's less serious officers - played mischeviously by Hugh Ross, himself a Scot, Sharpe meets Munroe for the first time whilst he's playing the bagpipes, badly! Munroe interviews Sharpe and then asks him which he would rather do, go on a dangerous mission or listen to more of Munroe's bagpipe playing! Naturally Sharpe prefers the dangerous mission.

Munroe is very much a diplomat, rather than a soldier, which can be seen in later scenes when he has to be a buffer between Dona Juanita, Sharpe, and Lord and Lady Kiely but he can summon up a steely exterior when required. He is Wellington's spymaster and advisor on a number of diplomatic intrigues.

Although Munroe does have a sense of humour, its tinged with irony - he knows he is going to send men to their deaths, but he's very controlled about this, and certainly doesn't have any reservations about sending Sharpe on some very odd missions. Sharpe however has his own ideas about how he carries out his orders, and Munroe never quite gets the better of him.

hugh ross

HUGH ROSS was born in Glasgow, studied for 2 years at St. Andrews' University ... then dropped out. He had a brief spell in teaching, and then went to RADA.

After graduation, he worked extensively in repertory all over the UK, from Exeter to Edinburgh. Subsequently, he has moved easily between the media: he has appeared with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company in leading roles; and in the West End, most notably in DEATH & THE MAIDEN; Stephen Sondheim's PASSION, (his performance was nominated for an Olivier Award;) and, recently, in the long-running hit THE WOMAN IN BLACK.

Films include TRAINSPOTTING, CHARLOTTE GRAY, THE FOUR FEATHERS and NIGHTBREED, where he had a great time as the monster, Narcisse. Television successes in BETWEEN THE LINES, MONARCH OF THE GLEN, MEN ONLY, AN UNGENTLEMANLY ACT, MINE ALL MINE, and, of course, in 3 SHARPE films: GOLD, BATTLE and SWORD, as the bagpipe-playing Mungo Munroe.

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