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jane gibbons

Appears in the films Sharpe's Regiment, Sharpe's Mission, Sharpe's Siege, Sharpe's Justice, Sharpe's Revenge and Sharpe's Waterloo.

Jane Gibbons appears first of all in Sharpe's Regiment, as the ward of the revolting Sir Henry Simmerson. Sharpe and Harper who are trying to find out where all the recruits have disappeared to, instead of being sent out as replacements in the Peninsula, find her during their investigation. She helps them to escape from the marshes. Sharpe has never forgotten his first sight of her - she was the sister of his enemy Christian Gibbons. He was attracted to a small portrait he took from Gibbons, and never quite forgot about her.

Jane is desperate to leave the life she is leading, and falls for Sharpe's not inconsiderate charms, but despite the apparent sweetness and docility of her character, underneath lies a woman of ambition, greed and stupidity! Well, she must be stupid if she can throw away Sharpe for the equally vapid Lord John Rossendale!

To begin with Sharpe and Jane are happy together, he takes her away from England and into Spain, and she settles down to being a good soldier's wife in Sharpe's Siege, but after they get married, she begins to get bored, and starts a flirtation with the poet Shellington (Sharpe's Mission). Sharpe has to leave camp for a few weeks, leaving Harris to protect and serve her. Harris keeps an eye on the new Mrs Sharpe and scotches any further flirtation with Shellington by showing him out to be a fake poet! Sharpe returns and life returns to normal.

In Sharpe's Revenge, Jane is terrified of losing Sharpe at the forthcoming battle of Toulouse, Sharpe somewhat unwisely, gives Jane his Power of Attorney over all his money. He promises Jane that he will return safe straight after the battle ... unfortunately he then falls out with a certain Col. Wigram and they end up fighting a duel, which Sharpe wins - naturally! Jane in the meantime, being the silly girl she was, decides to leave for England on the persuasion of her friend Molly Spindaker. Once in London she loses no time in getting her hands on all of Sharpe's money, and falling for a guards officer, Lord John Rossendale, who also falls for Jane.

From London the two lovers terrified of bumping into Sharpe, leave London for Yorkshire where Rossendale has property, (Sharpe's Justice). Sharpe however is already in Yorkshire, and we now see the real Jane emerge as she berates Sharpe with terrible words, "You were born in the gutter and you will always stay there" were some of the things she threw at him. This signals the end of their marriage and relationship.

Jane's end is unclear, we know that she and Rossendale go to Waterloo, where Rossendale is killed. Jane is left, pregnant by Rossendale, unwanted by Sharpe ... and probably descends into poverty, vice or hopefully a very painful death! At least judging by the fans of Sharpe that's how she should finish up. The author Bernard Cornwell will only say that her ending would be a bad one!

abigail cruttenden

ABIGAIL CRUTTENDEN and her portrayal of Jane was masterly, she must have been the most hated woman on the show by the fans!

Certainly of all Sharpe's ladies, she was the one that received the least sympathy. Which just goes to show what a good performance she gave. Added to which of course, she had a real live romance going with her leading man, Sean Bean, resulting in their marriage on 6th November 1998. They have a daughter Evie Natasha, but are now divorced.

Abby was born in 1969, and comes from a show business background. Her grandmother Cynthia Coates runs the stage make up school, "Greasepaint" in London. Abigail is now married to Johnathan R Fraser. She recently appeared in the two part drama The Commander.

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