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major hogan

One of the most interesting and comedic roles to be found in the Sharpe series was that of Hogan, the Irish spymaster and engineer who answered directly to Sir Arthur Wellesley. Although he only appeared in the first two films, Sharpe's Rifles and Sharpe's Eagle, Hogan definitely makes his mark, due in no small way to the wonderful portrayal by Brian Cox.

Hogan becomes Sharpe's friend, or at least that is what he would like us to believe, but half the time he throws Sharpe and his men in at the deep end ... but always rejoices when they come out relatively unscathed eventually. Between Sir Arthur and Hogan, it's a wonder Sharpe and the Chosen Men survived the films.

Although Hogan appears throughout the Sharpe series in the books, he unfortunately did not return to the series due to work and health commitments - a great shame as he is a central character to the series - I don't think the films were quite the same after Hogan disappeared from our screens!

brian cox

Birthday: 1 June 1946

Birthplace: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. The Cox family is descended from Irish immigrants.

Family: Brian is married to German actress, Nicole Ansari. The couple welcomed their first son together to the world on 31 Jan 2002 and their second son on 26 Oct 2004.


Actor - Stage (especially Shakespeare!), Film, Television series and mini-series, Radio, Voice.

Educator - Mr. Cox has spent some time passing along his skills to future thespians through courses at Harvard University, Cal Arts and via video training course, "Acting and Tragedy."

Writer of two non-fiction books: "The Lear Diaries," (a journal of his experience playing the title role of King Lear for the National Theatre) and "From Salem to Moscow" (about his teaching at The Arts Theatre School in Russia.) Note from Clair: if you can get your hands on a copy of either, they're both good reads ... an excellent peek into the acting profession and its affects on the people involved.

Training & Experience: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Royal Lyceum Edinburgh, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Brian is an Emmy award winning actor, he has a great many terrific roles to his credit, throughout the 90's he appeared in almost 20 main pictures and tv roles, as well making numerous other appearances. Some of his more recent roles can be found in the following films: "Braveheart", "Murder by Numbers", "The Ring", "X2" and of course as Agamemnon in "Troy".

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