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rifleman harris

Harris, the only rifleman with no first name! The educated one! In his own words he admits to Richard Sharpe at their first meeting, that 'I was a courtier to Lord Bacchus and an unremitting debtor", Sharpe's reply, "You mean you're a rogue and a wastrel, what else can you do?" To which Harris says, "I can read, sir!"

Not only the educated rifleman, but he takes on the role of shoe repairer and is quite a lad with the ladies .... he was especially taken with a gypsy girl in Sharpe's Mission. Whilst he seems different in character to the other riflemen, Harris is accepted by his peers and indeed, they and Sharpe always turn to him when they need translations, or sundry information - although he did tend to annoy Sharpe at times by quoting latin, or pieces of literature sometimes when inappropriate!

A very active rifleman, Harris is the one with great strength and can generally be found in the thick of the action, but always keeping an eye on his friends. Towards the end of the films, Harris can usually be found at the side of Hagman, and its Hagman who asks him, "What IS your first name Harris?" We never get the answer to this, and sadly at the Battle of Waterloo, Harris dies trying to reach his friend, Daniel Hagman .... many a tear was shed during that scene, we'll miss him!

Although you can catch up with his adventures by buying the videos/DVDs of "The Diaries of Rifleman Harris!"

jason salkey

Jason was born in London, England on Tuesday 24th April 1962. He went to school at the Fox Primary School, in London, Amherst Regional High School, Massachusetts, USA and Hampshire College, Massachusetts, USA (BA in Acting and Directing). Jason's first 14 years were spent growing up like any other kid living in the inner city with dreams of becoming a footballer, pop star or actor.

In 1976 Jason's father got a job teaching poetry and creative writing in New England, USA. Whilst living on the edge of the student campus, he become involved with playing Frisbee. Jason competed around the world in International Frisbee championships where he travelled a lot, got sponsored by AMF Voit and met a lot of interesting folk. However he eventually had to choose between acting and Frisbee - acting won!

Jason's first acting job back in London was playing various parts in a series of plays about art being performed in an art gallery in Chelsea. After several other roles, he landed a major role in a huge beer commercial campaign for Miller Lite after which he became instantly recognisable in the UK.

In 1992 Jason walked into an office in Noel Street, Soho, London. It housed the offices of John & Ros Hubbard, where he met Jim Goddard, the first director of a show called Sharpe's Rifles. The rest, as they say is history.

For a full list of credits and further information please visit Jason's website


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