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rifleman daniel hagman

Hagman was originally a poacher from Cheshire who joined the army rather than go to jail. His marksmanship with a rifle and his quiet humour endeared him to all the men he served with in the army. Sharpe, in particular, valued the old rifleman's friendship and advice, including Hagman's oft repeated 'treat it with vinegar and brown paper, sir'!

In the films, of course, we have the added extra of Hagman's singing aka his alter ego, John Tams. Many a tear was shed by Sharpe fans when Hagman was finally killed off at Waterloo - somehow we expected Hagman to live forever, much like Harper and Sharpe.

john tams - actor/singer/writer

John Tams was born on 16th February 1949, where music was always part of his upbringing. He left school uncertificated and in his words, "uneducated", and drifted into several jobs before becoming a reporter for local newspapers in the Derbyshire area.

Since his early days, Tams has become a major figure on the folk/rock scene, and is acknowledged by his peers as an outstanding musician and songwriter. He has worked extensively in theatre, film and television.

At the present time with two solo albums under his belt, Tams is touring the country with Barry Coope, another outstanding musician, their gigs are legendary, and hugely enjoyable. Information on John Tams/Barry Coope gigs can be found on the John Tams Official Site

John is married to Sally, they have a daughter Rosie, and live in Derbyshire.


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